Our policy work

We work with the UK government to campaign on dementia research issues that affect our scientists and supporters.

We develop evidence based policy to inform government decisions and we communicate with key decision makers about these issues and research findings to raise awareness and deliver change faster.

Everything we do is the help raise awareness of the need for more dementia research to help people living with dementia. We reach out through meetings, briefings, parliamentary and constituency events. Please contact policy@alzheimersresearchuk.org for more information.

Our reports and research give us the strong evidence we need to make the case on behalf of people living with dementia for issues which affect the advancement of research.

Our policy document Defeat Dementia sets out the challenges ahead in terms of both the human and economic costs of dementia, and outlines how we can best address these challenges.

See the Policy groups we have joined and are actvely involved in.

Public support

We need more people like this to help us build a strong voice for dementia research across the country with MPs and policy makers. You can help make an impact by getting involved. Become a campaigner and make a difference in defeating dementia.