10 things you need to know about research investment

1. The research and development spend in the UK is 1.67 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).(54) The UK is below the European Union (EU-28) provisional estimate of 2.02 per cent of GDP.

2. The Government invests almost £2 billion a year on medical research, £845 million through MRC and £1.1 billion through NIHR. Government funding for medical research is increasing year on year.(78)

3. In 2015 Government spend on dementia research will be £66 million, this is a doubling of funding in dementia research since 2009-10 and represents approximately 3 per cent of total medical research investment.(79)

4. Charities spend over £1.3 billion medical research each year, they have consistently spent more than £1bn on research in the UK annually for the past six years.

5. Charities spend over £20 million on dementia research each year, representing ~1 per cent of total charity investment.(80)

6. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s current commitment to research is over £26 million and 132 grants, taking our total commitment to date to over £60 million and 559 grants.

7. Nearly 7 times as much public money (Government and charitable) is spent on cancer research as is spent on dementia research each year.(55)

8. For every pound spent by a charity in 2013, the Charity Research Support Fund added up to 26p. The CRSF has been static since 2011 and is not increasing in line with charitable investment.(56)

9. Investment in medical research returns approximately 40p to the UK each year.(57)

10. Every £1 increase in public funding for medical research stimulates up to £5 of investment by the pharmaceutical industry.(58)

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These facts were last updated in March 2016 and will be refreshed every few months.